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This is my first Zine. Normally, whenever I release my first anything, I’m both thrilled and very nervous to be entering a new medium (See McMurdo Station, The Passed to Years, Come to Life, etc) but this is such a goofy idea, I’m genuinely just excited to share! 

Flyerzine is a collection of posters, flyers, ads, signage, and pamphlets from Nowhere, a small community in the San Fernando Valley of Southern California (If you want to visit, just travel North on the 405 from Los Angeles and transfer to the 101. The trip should take you only about 2 hours if you leave at the right time.) On a Sunday morning jog that took me through Nowhere, I noticed that on seemingly every light post and utility pole were flyers unlike any I had ever seen before. With all credit and respect due to the folks of Nowhere, I snapped a few photos. I found myself naturally coming back to Nowhere and every trip I discovered more of these flyers. 

Below are a few of the Flyers:


By definition, this concept demanded nothing more than a level, casual approach. The beauty of Flyers, much like Zines is that they can be made by anyone and for anything. Yes, most flyers are generally made for one of around 3 reasons: I lost something, I have something to give, I want something; but there’s no law that binds form to medium. If you have something to say: paper, ink, a stapler or some tape, and a place to post, the world is your bulletin board. 

Because the common necessities that lead to creating a flyer are so basic, there’s no prerequisite for making one. Sure, maybe making a “good” flyer requires some sort of comprehension of layout, design, wording, etc but that doesn't stop anyone. In that way, they’re just like Zines.

I will continue to return to Nowhere, make Flyerzines, and update this page with any new finds. 

If you spot  any fliers of your own around your neck of Nowhere, feel free to send them to me! I’ll feature them here with the proper credit.