The Passed to Years

The Passed to Years


This is The Passed to Years.

A loosely autobiographical project that I have affectionately called a “Minimalist Feature.” Made entirely in the December of 2018, The Passed to Years is a combination of original music set to sequences of Stock Video and digital-to-tape effected footage shot by myself. My intention while making this project was not to tell a riveting, attention grabbing story, but simply to meditate on the changes that have happened in my life over the past two years.  I wanted to make this film as if it could be played on a TV in an endless loop in a dark room, with the audience never staying for longer than a few minutes and rarely starting at the beginning. Though I want this film to be played as much as possible, I encourage you, the viewer to press play and set it off in the corner. Drift back and watch a couple minutes when you feel like it.

Much like the Memoryvision project, the visuals can be quite generic while the audio is atmospheric, and at times, surreal. I created this movie with such “generalness” out of ease of accessibility, but also to allow the audience to have their own experiences be triggered by footage that by very definition is supposed to be general.

Inspired By The Works Of:

Ryuichi Sakamoto, Philip Glass, Cal Butterman, Claude Debussy, Stoic Club, Haruomi Hosono, Joe Hisaishi (Specifically his work with Takeshi Kitano), Miracle Musical, Cathleen Stelzer, Godfrey Reggio, Yellow Magic Orchestra, Jean-François Millet, Carl Jung, Kate NV, Yuji Ohno, Penguin Café Orchestra, Mort Garson, Akiko Yano, Katsuhiro Otomo, MariNaomi, and more.

Track List / Inspirations

  1. The Passed to Years (00:00)

  2. Boy - Broken (2:58)

  3. Licorice Spot (7:28)

  4. The Five (9:45)

  5. 16 Hours to Golden (12:19)

  6. Cold Cold Cold (19:02)

  7. Second Time Around (22:36)

  8. Everybody (Interlude) (27:35)

  9. Muses (27:57)

  10. Mogi (32:09)

  11. Sleeping Giants (40:13)

  12. Flyaway (43:03)

  13. Factory (46:07)

  14. The Shadow (48:50)

  15. Where I am Now I am Where I am Now (54:31)

  16. Owl House (59:37)

audio Block
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